Chicago engagement session – Erin & Kevin

Chicago lifestyle engagement session
We went to Chicago for a few days last month to unwind. We enjoyed some good food, good music, art, and see our good friends, Erin and Kevin. They are almost a complete clone of me and Jonathan. Every time we hang out with them we discover a new tidbit that confirms that even more. They live in Bucktown, a cool part of Chicago. I am totally jealous of where they live and their cute apartment. If only we could live there too, and then MAYBE we’d be just as cool as them! :)


I asked Erin about an engagement session months prior to our trip. They weren’t even thinking about getting engagement pictures taken. When Erin and Kevin discussed it a bit, Erin said “When i think about what kind of photos of us i want to have to look back on, it would be of us in our little Chicago apartment being goofy and ourselves. i want to remember what our life was like.” The four of us are pretty laid back so we just did whatever that first day with them. We followed them to the market, took some fun posed shots on the way(I couldn’t help it!), they made us dinner and we all hung out and laughed a lot. The next night we went to Schubas to see a band, which also happened to be the place Erin and Kevin had their first date. The trip worked out so well and I’m already planning my next trip to Chicago soon!


It was a nice change of pace documenting a lifestyle session. I hope to do more in the future! Erin and Kevin were engaged earlier this year and we’re thrilled to be the ones that will document their October nuptials next year.


Chicago lifestyle engagement session




















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