Emmy & Kary – Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I am so far behind on my blogging! I swear more photos will be coming at you this week!
In Emmy and Kary’s questionnaire I sent them before their wedding, they stated that a huge emphasis will be on family for their wedding. I love that family was their theme. No frills, no stressing over the little things. Just lots of love going around. It was palpable and very endearing to witness the happiness these two had for their loved ones. Kary’s kids were so well behaved for pictures and little Audrey just stole my heart.

It was nice to find out that Kary’s side of his family is from Utah. Utah is sort of my second home, so it’s always great to chat with folks from there.

Once again I got to shoot at Badger Farms this year. This place is beautiful all year round!

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