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Fabric Flush Mount album, cameo photo, and presentation box.

Your wedding album, in my opinion, is one of the best investments for your wedding. This is your first family heirloom and will be looked at and cherished by family members for generations. It is the perfect way to showcase your wedding since there is nothing quite like holding your photos in your hands, printed on paper vs looking at them on a computer. My clients always comment on how great the photos look on paper and were shocked by the difference. It’s easy to just get the DVD and forget about the photos.


I know when I got married I wanted my photographer to make me an album, but they didn’t offer that service so I had to do it myself. It felt daunting to be honest. I eventually did it but it took 5 whole years to do so. My disc sat in a drawer for years. Luckily I decided to get enlargements printed by my photographer so we at least had those. By 5 years my JPG files were a little degraded. That is one fact that not a lot of people know; your JPG files of your wedding will not last forever. It’s best to get your wedding images printed right away on professional paper so they last for generations. My grandparents’ wedding photo is still in great condition only because it was printed on the finest quality of paper. You can bet that Walgreens and Walmart will not hold a candle to that.


Deluxe Flush Mount album with gold gilding.


I say your wedding album is one of the best investments. Yes, they will cost more if you get one through your photographer, but they are so worth it. Your photographer is an artist and knows how to tell stories through photographs. This is why you hire them. Not just to take pretty pictures to show off on your facebook page, but to tell your story. We spend a lot of time picking out the photos that will work best and design them in layouts that are clean and timeless.


My photos are perfectly calibrated with the album company’s I work with so the colors and contrast will look true to life. Consumer companies that offer albums are not calibrated with your photographer’s photos, so really you just don’t know what kind of color your photos will be, and that’s sort of scary. I’ve seen my fair share of red, green, yellow or blue tinted photos :) For me I touch up every single photograph that goes into my clients’ wedding albums so they look perfect in print. Your DVD will most likely not include those touch-ups.



If you’re only purchasing the DVD of images from your photographer I’d recommend you reconsider your decision and contact your photographer about an album through them. Not only will you be getting a book far better than anything you can get on your own, but you’ll be supporting a local business too! This will cost more but will save you peace of mind about the quality and save you time trying to make your own book.


Flush Mount album with distressed leather.

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